Why Do Tiles Pop Up and What Solution You Should Apply?

Suppose you move to a new HDB flat in Singapore believing that everything is going to be awesome there and soon notice that tiles are shaking and popping out. Your joy of moving to a new place will not last too long because the quality of the tiles and construction will concern you. It is actually a common issue in many properties. You may have seen many properties where tiles are broken and popped out. It may bother you a little bit that why are tiles popping up and break if the builder says everything is perfect. This problem can occur due to many reasons and the most common reasons are explained below.


Due to poor quality adhesive:

Every contractor and builder claims to use high quality material when building a new structure. Some contractors apply inferior tile installation techniques. They use low quality adhesive or incorrect quantity of the adhesive while installing the tiles. The experts suggest that using low quality adhesive or poor quantity of adhesive can affect tiles’ ability of staying on attached to the cement base. A specific adhesive is used to glue the tiles to the cement base.

If the contractor does not use quality adhesive, the tiles will pop out very quickly. Using low or incorrect quantity of adhesive can also make tiles pop out very quickly. Poor quality and quantity of the adhesive is the main cause of most cases of tiles popping up out.


Poor installation technique:

If tile is popping up all over the house, it is not happening just because of poor quality or incorrect quantity of the adhesive. Poor workmanship and poor quality of the concrete mix can be a big cause of this problem. It is always advised to hire a reliable tiling contractor whenever you are constructing a new house or renovating an old property. It requires cleaning the whole surface before installing tiles above it. The bonding layer should also be uniform if you want the tiles to stay glued to the base surface for many years. Tiling contractors,v who are aware of what needs to be done to perform an excellent work while installing tiles, are the best to hire because workmanship matters.



Exerted weight:

Though tiles look fragile in comparison to other flooring materials, these are designed to bear a certain amount of weight. High-quality tiles do not buckle and pop out when you walk on it daily. It can crack and pop up if you are hauling something too heavy on the tiled floor and the tiles are not designed to withstand that exerted weight. Tiles in commercial areas break and pop up mainly because of this reason.




If the tiles are popping out of the wall in your HDB flat, it can be due to weather. Yes, poor quality adhesive can be a big reason but sudden changes in temperature can also work to reduce the bond between tiles and the underneath surface. Other things such as rain and direct exposure to sunlight can also affect the tiled areas in your property. If there is a water leakage beneath your tiles, it will also affect the structural integrity of your wall to keep the tiles adhered to it.

You should contact a reliable tiling installation and repair agency in Singapore if floor tiles popping up. Agencies like TM Tiling Singapore provide reliable support when it comes to repairing popped out tiles and renovating the whole tiled surface.


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