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What to Look Out for When Hiring a Direct Tiling Contractor in Singapore

When hiring a direct renovation contractor in Singapore, it is important to make a few considerations before engaging in their services. Unknowingly hiring an unreliable contractor may lead to more costly tile repairs in the future.

To avoid such problems, make sure to follow these important steps when finding a reliable direct tiling contractor in Singapore:

  1. Preparation for the Tile Installation

Before the tile company even begins the tile installation process, the preparation and planning process must start from you. You must first decide on the type of tiles to be used as well as their specifications. A professional tile company has a team of experts that should be able to advise you on the most suitable type of tile to get installed. As highly-experienced as they are, they should also be able to give you an approximate estimate on the installation cost.

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  1. Do Your Research to Avoid Future Tile Problems

It is always better to do your own research on the most reliable direct tiler in Singapore before even getting any tile installation done. You must check out the company’s previous projects to better understand whether they are capable of conducting quality service. Many customers would usually hire freelance tilers to save money, but these works tend to be done in a rush, resulting in the need for future re-installations. Ensure that the tiling contractor is knowledgeable about installing all types of tiles as different types of tiles require their own method of installation.

  1. Ask Local Suppliers About Trusted & Experienced Contractors

If you’re doing a tiling installation or even a toilet renovation in a Singapore HDB flat for the first time, don’t hesitate to ask tile suppliers for the best tiling contractors in your area. Tile supplier deals with several contractors as part of their daily job scope and they should be able to recommend at least one reliable contractor who’s experienced best suits your specific tiling job. They should also be able to guide you properly and give a list of contacts to turn to for any tiling works.

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  1. Request the Quote in Writing

If you are renovating your house, you must first do complete research on the tiling cost in Singapore. Get quotes from different tilers or direct tiling contractors. Compare their quotes and look through the quality of their work based on past projects. This will help you weigh in the pros and cons of each contractor and decide the most suitable one for the job. It will save you a lot of money and provide you with quality work as well.

  1. Check the Correct Installation Process for the Job

Most clients tend to be oblivious of the entire tile installation process, which often comes to their disadvantage. Some tiling contractors would take advantage of such situations and even cheat clients of their money. Hence, do a quick Google search to familiarise yourself with the tiling process to ensure that the installation is done properly. Otherwise, you might have to do costly tiling repairs in the future. Undoubtedly, understanding the installation process thoroughly will save you money and get the work done professionally.

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  1. Bargain

Never hesitate to bargain with the tile contractors. Some tiling contractors would first quote a high amount, but would later settle for a lower quotation after bargaining. Not sure about how to start bargaining? Do some research on the market price of tile installations online and this should give you a rough idea of the quotation you should get. Additionally, don’t hesitate to let your contractor know about your budget range. This will help the tiling contractor work on the budget you have and at the same time ensuring that the highest quality is done for your tile installation.


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