What are Homogeneous Tiles?

Homogeneous tiles are considered the strongest floor materials available commercially. These tiles are also known as porcelain tiles or unglazed porcelain tiles due to the lack of color in the tiles. Composed of special tiling materials and clay, the homogenous tiles are subject to high heat temperature of up to 1500 degree centigrade. The strong firing process makes the homogeneous tiles strong and water-resistant, which is why they’re mostly used in tile installation and tile renovation projects. Homogeneous tiles are best used for long-term purposes as they do not show any signs of chipping or wearing in comparison to the glazed tiles.

Characteristics and uses of Homogeneous tiles

  • Designed especially for heavy foot traffic

Homogeneous tiles are best suited for heavy-footed floors. Commercial areas, public places, hospitals, schools, or outdoor spaces like patios in houses are a few examples. Homogeneous tiles remain to be a favourite of designers and building constructions because of their versatility. They are popularly used as homogenous floor tiles and wall surface tiles to cover most of the interior spaces in public areas. Most designers also use these tiles in the interiors of the HBD residential flats in Singapore.


  • Near impermeable quality

Homogeneous tiles are considered water resistant and nonporous. The absorption rate of a homogeneous tile is much lower than other porcelain tiles. Due to its impermeable quality, homogenous tiles stand out as the first choice for kitchen and bathroom tiling. While smaller squares of these tiles are used for flooring in the shower, bigger tiles are mainly used in kitchens. This is because homogeneous tiles are known for facilitating good water drainage and smooth flow.

  • Low maintenance

Though marble and granite tiles have advantages over the homogenous tiles, the latter is better in terms of being low maintenance. Although the homogenous tiles are expensive than most of the ceramic tiles, they are cheaper than natural stone tiles. The installation cost and maintenance cost are also much cheaper as you need to polish and seal natural stone tiles from time to time. On the other hand, homogenous tiles only need thorough washing and wiping off accumulated moisture. Homogeneous tiles must be laid according to the gaps prescribed by the tile supplier. This prevents it from popping out and gives it a longer lifespan, which prevents constant tile repairs in the future.

  • Wide selection range

Homogeneous tiles effectively complement any type of interiors and exterior designs. Having the properties of ceramic and porcelain tiles, homogeneous tiles are uniformly bodied. Additionally, they are also durable and water-resistant.


  • Stain and chemical resistant

Unlike the marble and granite tiles that are not resistant to chemical treatments, homogenous tiles can be hygienically cleaned through chemical treatments. This also enhances their stain-proof qualities. As they are compact and water-resistant, it becomes easy to clean the surface of homogeneous tiles, which makes them more suitable in kitchen and bathroom areas.

  • Mechanical strength

As homogeneous tiles are denser and more compact, they usually have higher mechanical strength. This leads to them being able to withstand heavy weight and pressure without showing signs of breakage or chipping.

  • Slip resistance

Areas that are more prone to moisture and watery surfaces must be installed with homogenous tiles for enhanced slip resistance. Due to its impermeable quality, people prefer to use homogenous tiles in their wet areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. On the other hand, glossy, glazed, and, natural stone tiles are slippery and are not recommended for slippery areas.


Homogenous tile properties are definitely deemed better than those of wood and ceramic tiles. Some of such features are:

  • Non-porous
  • High resistant
  • Mechanical strength
  • Slip resistance
  • Stain resistant

There is no doubt that homogenous tiles are the most preferred tiles in areas like kitchens, industries, bathrooms, and patios.


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