Tile Installation & Renovation

Tile Installation and Renovation

TM Tiling provides the best tiling services in Singapore. We offer tiling services for small and large projects in Condominiums, HBDs, and even commercial areas. Our services include direct wall and flooring tile work such as in toilet renovations and balcony tiling works.

Tiling is a tedious job and cannot be easily done without the help of experienced tile setters. From fixing loose tiles to installing new tiles, customers must always seek professional help. Whether it’s a wall tile, floor tile, bathroom tile, kitchen tile, or any other tiling works, TM tiling Singapore can flawlessly execute every step of any tiling projects.

Our tile contractors will measure your room area and advice you on the design and specifics of your tiling project while keeping your budget in mind. They are experienced in working with all types of tiles and are knowledgeable about prevailing trends.

We strive to provide all of the tilings works with high-quality standards. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction as seen in our tile renovation works in Singapore HBDs.




Our popular tiling work in Singapore includes ceramic, marble, homogeneous, and natural stone tiles. Our tile installation and renovation projects include the following services:

  • Demolition

A packaged service that involves complete removal and disposal of tiles, furnishings, and fittings.

  • Surface Preparation

Our team of tiling contractors in Singapore would prepare and clean all surfaces to ensure quality installation of tiles. This is to prevent any future complications on the walls and floors. Any imperfection will lead to bulging and popping out of tiles which can potentially be dangerous. This process is done for better durability and quality installation.

  • Wet area

We provide wet area installation such as toilet renovations in Singapore. Necessary waterproofing systems are done before the tile installation.

  • Maintenance and re-grouting

Over the time, tiles will eventually get discoloured or stained. With this, we offer high maintenance services to bring life back to your old tiles. By re-grouting the tiles with our high-quality tools and application methods, we can make any tiling work look new.

  • Tile cutting and bore holing

We professionally carry out tile cutting and boreholes in the tiles to make them fit into your preferred style. This tiling process is essential in order to fit in pipelines, bathroom fittings, taps, and towel trails.



Tile installation and renovation are considered a major part of any housing work that’s also largely dependent on a given budget. We handle small and big projects with equal enthusiasm and professionalism. Whether it is a huge office floor, residential building, or a small bathroom space, we carry out both interior and exterior tile renovation according to your budget.

Installations and Renovations

We perform various floor tile, wall tile, and HDB tile installation, which includes the following:

  • dry areas like kitchen and bedroom
  • wet areas like patios, bathrooms, shower curbs, and balconies
  • staircases
  • office floors

Apart from the above services, we also offer the following quality works:

  • We provide complete service that includes hacking of walls and create a new design concept
  • We pay attention to provide highly aesthetic quality in tile installation
  • We believe in consistency of work

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