How To Maintain Tile Grout?

Millions of homes across the globe are equipped with ceramic tile floors as it is one of the most common types of tile. People love to install tiles on the floor because it is a durable flooring material, easy to clean and to maintain. It requires just a few wipes and the tiles will shine again. The only issue you may experience with tile floors is cleaning grouts. It is quite difficult to keep tile grout clean.




Grouts in high moisture areas can be very difficult to maintain. You can try some very strong cleaning substances to make the grouts look clean but it can get cracked or eroded from the harsh chemicals over time. Therefore, the support of a professional tiler can repair cracked or dirty grout, usually in showers and other wet areas. Tile grout can also be affected in outdoor patios and balconies due to the exposure to elements. It will be the final solution but before that you should know how to take care take care of the floor with grouts to maintain its new-like appeal for a long time.


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Using grout sealers to protect grouts:

You can use the sealers to keep dirty grouts clean and strong for a long time. Grout sealers are designed to prevent stains, dirty water, and soils from affecting the natural appeal of grout between the tiles. Sealers apply a coating on the top of grout in order to stop soil, dirty water, and stains from penetrating into tile grouts. Sealers can protect grouts against all kinds of elements that may cause accumulation of mildew and stains. So, you can avoid calling grout repair Singapore services for a long time if try this solution.




Maintaining floors with grouts:

There will be no need of regrouting for a long time, if you know how to take care of floors with grouts. It requires regular mopping in order to keep the tiles clean. You should mop the floors in a way that no water will be pushed into the grout lines. Pushing water can cause accumulation of dirt and stains in grouts. It will eventually make the grouts look dirty and stained and that’s why prevent pushing water into grouts.

It is quite important to clean the floor daily in order to prevent accumulation of dirt and soil in between tiles. Dirt can easily make its way into the grouts if your floor is not cleaned daily. You should use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust from the floor and then wipe the floor with a wet cloth to remove accumulated dirt from the grouts. Even the leading grout repair services in Singapore suggest these solutions to maintain floors with grouts perfectly.




What to do if the above suggested solutions are not applicable?

If you have recently bought an HDB flat in Singapore which was poorly maintained, you will have to invest some money in a tile renovation. You most likely would prefer to hack and remove the existing tiles, and install tiles of your own design to make the home your own. Most resale HDB flats would have aging tiles, stained and damaged to some extent. You need the support of a reliable tile grout repair company to regrout the whole floor in order to make it look clean and attractive.


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