Different Tile Design Ideas for Your Bathroom

While might be initially overlooked, bathroom tiles are just as important as living room flooring tiles when it comes to home renovations. Choosing bathroom tiles is no easy task, as every homeowner should consider several factors before delving into the picking the most suitable type of tile. With several designs available nowadays, designers and homeowners alike tend to get overwhelmed by the variety of choices. As such, it is important to work with reliable and professional tiling contractors like TM Tiling Singapore to guide you through the entire tiling work process.

Looking for inspiration before starting your tiling installation or renovation? Here are different tile design ideas for your bathroom:


1. Terrazzo tiles

Terrazzo tiles are great for bathrooms and any kinds of flooring. With its retro feel, terrazzo tiles are surely going to enhance your bathroom’s overall aesthetic. Terrazzo tiles classic and timeless style can be found in shades such as cream and grey. Want to stick to an old school design for your bathroom? Then terrazzo tiles are for you.


2. Terracotta Tiles

There is much more to the terracotta tiles than its reddish hues. It’s rustic look also definitely gives it a cozier and homier feel. However, do take note that a normal terracotta tile is made up of red clay, which makes it porous. In order to use terracotta tiles in your bathroom, they should undergo a glazing process in order to be suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms. This glazing process makes terracotta tiles moisture-proof and non-porous than they initially were.


3. Geometric tiles

Geometric tiles are the latest trend to hit bathroom tiles design these days. Manufacturers are playing around its shapes and creating lucrative designs with the tiles. The tiles come in all shapes, sizes, and textures with more popular ones like rectangular, circular, and hexagonal tiles. The geometric patterns are either laid by contrasting two different colored tiles or using ones with the same geometric patterns. Either way, the tiles undoubtedly enhance the aesthetic of any bathroom that’s sure to steal glances!


4. Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are often exclusively used in bathrooms to give it a classier look. Additionally, marble tiles in bathrooms can also make any space look cleaner. They are used as either bathroom wall tiles or floor tiles. Marbles are natural stone tiles cut out of polished limestones that have natural patterns. Marble tiles nowadays are available in several pastel colors, attracting many residential owners to use such tiles in their homes.


5. Moroccan tiles

Moroccan tiles are associated with mosaic bathroom tiles that are beautifully patterned to imitate Moroccan-inspired designs found in the Turkish empire. These handmade tiles are considered more expensive than other types as its production involves meticulous workmanship and artistry. If you happen to have a bigger budget, opt for Moroccan tiles in your bathroom.


6. Peranakan tiles

Like Moroccan tiles, Peranakan tiles adds a bit of a more exotic feel to any area. Many iconic buildings in Singapore pride themselves with kaleidoscopic patterns found on Peranakan tiles installed on their walls and floors. Ceramic tiles offer a range of ornamental Peranakan options with motifs of geometric patterns or artworks depicting fruits, flowers, birds, fishes etc. Want a more vintage, yet exotic-looking bathroom? Go for Peranakan tiles.


7. White bathroom tiles

Less is definitely more, especially for homeowners opting for a minimalist look for their bathrooms. White bathroom tiles are regarded as a timeless option that can enhance any space. If you happen to have a smaller budget and are currently looking for a low maintenance bathroom, you won’t go wrong with white bathroom tiles. A variety of ceramic and porcelain tiles offer simple white tile designs that will surely tickle your fancy.

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