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Advantages and Disadvantages of using Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic tiles are predominantly used for floorings, walls, countertops, backsplash, and bathrooms. Homeowners and tile setters mostly prefer ceramic tiles for flooring as well. This is due to its classic look and a wide range of available designs. Though ceramic floor tiles in Singapore are gaining popularity, don’t forget that this type of tiles also has its own set of pros and cons.

With this, let’s delve right into the advantages and disadvantages of the ceramic tiles

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Advantages of Ceramic Tiles

  • Water resistant

Glazed ceramic tiles are designed with a proactive layer on the surface. This makes the tiles almost resistant to stain and water penetration. Ceramic floor tiles are naturally resistant to humidity and moist conditions. These properties make them an impeccable choice for kitchens and bathroom floors.

Unglazed ceramic tiles are covered with sealants to protect them from humidity and water. However, do remember that the grouts in between ceramic tiles may still be susceptible to water absorption. This weakens the installation and may lead to the growth of mold.

  • Durability

Ceramic tiles for flooring are known to be extremely durable as they do not crack easily. They can even last up to 20 years or longer without a single sign of crack. However, if a single tile cracks due to sudden extreme pressure, it is incredibly easy to replace them.

Ceramic tiles tm tiling singapore

  • Maintainance

Who doesn’t like low maintenance tiles? Ceramic tiles are fairly easy to clean. Stains and dirt on white ceramic tiles can be easily cleaned using soap water and a soft cloth. Regularly maintaining the ceramic tiles by vacuuming them or cleaning them will keep the dirt off and leave them shiny. For tough stains, you can use chemical treatments on them without worrying about any damage.

  • Ceramic tiles price

Ceramic tiles price largely depend on the size and design that you choose to get installed. While simpler tiles are priced at $5 per square foot, it can cost thousands of dollars to get more intricate designs.

  • Designs

Ceramic tiles offer a wide range of design options for those who want to revamp their homes. They are also easily customizable as ceramic tiles can be installed together with other types of tiles, creating your own unique patterns. Additionally, you can also opt for ceramic tiles that resemble wood or natural stones.

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Disadvantages of Ceramic Tiles

  • Hard flooring

Ceramic tiles might be tough and easy to clean. However, the hard flooring makes it uncomfortable to stand on the floor for long periods of time. Unfortunately, hard ceramic tiles cannot be softened using padded underlay. These effects of the ceramic tiles can be lessened by using soft rugs on such floors.

  • Cold Flooring

As ceramic tiles are generally low conductors of heat, they might find yourself stepping on cold floors during chillier days.

  • Installation

Ceramic tiles considered heavier and harder than normal tiles. With this, ensure that these tiles are handled with care using the necessary equipment. As the installation process is undoubtedly labour intensive, only hire experienced and reliable tilers like TM Tiling Singapore to have them installed professionally.


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