What Do We Do If Tiles Pop Up?

We use tiles in our home as it gives us beauty, variety, and design flexibility. Tiles are very easy to clean and maintain as it is water-resistant, eco-friendly and cost-effective, and most importantly it is durable. You read it right, the durability of tiles is the key reason why the Housing Development Board (HDB) made it part of the overall housing plan. Unfortunately, HDB receives an average of 2000 complaints of tiles pop up every year and the blame is always pointing to how the tile was installed. To know what solutions to implement when tiles are popping up, we first need to know the causes.



Why do wall or floor tiles pop up?

It is perfectly natural to be worried about the tiles popping up in HDB flats as this not only spoils the beauty of your home but creates dangerous obstructions for its inhabitants. Here are common reasons why tiles pop up:



  • Extreme Temperatures

Tiles, made of ceramic, are normally resistant to weather changes. However, they are not immune to sudden and large changes in temperature that would create expansion or contraction too quickly, resulting in tiles popping up or tiles cracking. Although Singapore rarely faces extreme climate changes, it does sometimes happen because of wear and tear and construction quality. When installing tiles in your HDB flat, you want to consider these factors.



  • Construction Quality 

Weather extremes along with the poor quality of the cement screed or tile adhesive could worsen the situation. The space between the tiles, and also how evenly the cement screed is applied,contribute to how easily it leads to tiles popping up. Of course, bad workmanship during tile installation could be another reason behind the popped up tiles in HDB flats.



  • Wear and Tear 

This is perfectly natural that with time the bond between tiles and cement base may weaken leading to tiles pop up. Another reason could be the high moisture content resulting in expansion and pressure-induced popping up of tiles. This is quite common for tiled outdoor areas.


What to do if tiles pop up? 

First of all, you need to inform the concerned department of HDB so that they could take the necessary steps to inspect and repair the popped up tiles. As the owner of HDB flats, the maintenance and repair responsibilities are with you. However, you can get HDB tile repair support if you meet these conditions:


    • You will get pop up tiles repair support from HDB under the one-year defect liability period.
    • If you aren’t covered under the one-year policy, you can get HDB’s goodwill tiles to repair support for up to 15 years.
    • Beyond 15 years, HDB provides only assistance service to owners. You get the list of registered HDB flat repair contractors and repair popped up tiles on a private basis.


However, HDB may not be as responsive to help with your tile repair, and that’s when people turn to tile repair contractors like TM Tiling.




How to Repair Popped Up Tiles?

You cannot ignore the cracked and damaged tiles on your floor or wall. Beauty and aesthetics of your home are some of the major concerns, but the most important aspect is the danger it posts. Furthermore, the longer you wait, the more likely more tiles will pop up; worsening the situation. This is because the root problem of the tiles popping up is not yet discovered and resolved. It is better to call a tile repair company to get it fixed quickly.


Your tiling contractor will inspect the affected area and let you know the diagnosis and suggest remedial measures. Normally, it is best to remove the damaged tiles and replace them with a new set of tiles. However, you can fix pop up tiles without removing existing tiles. You just need to purchase matching tiles in advance. Your repairman will normally follow these steps:


  • 1: Remove the popped up tiles using appropriate tools so that further damage could be avoided.
  • 2: If it is wall tiles, different tile hacking techniques is used to make the tile removal easier.
  • 3: Chip away at the cement screed using a sharp chisel.
  • 4: If the tile popping up areas are in wet areas like the balcony, bathroom or wet kitchens, the tiling contractor should make arrangements for waterproofing too.
  • 5: Apply the cement base and tile adhesive, then spacing the tiles evenly during the tile installation.
  • 6: Wait for 3-4 hours so that the adhesive could dry.


There are ways to prevent tiles from popping up but if you haven’t been taking these steps, the best pre-emptive measure you can take is to tap on your tiles with a light tool. If you hear a hollow echo, this could eventually lead to tiles popping up.


Looking For A Reliable Tiling Contractor?

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