Wood like tiles tm tiling singapore

Types of Tiles That Look Like Wood

Homeowners nowadays prefer to install wood tiles in Singapore, but most of them remain unaware of their specific features and characteristics.

Wooden tiles are usually not water resistant and may not be suitable for humid areas. In a humid country like Singapore, wooden tiles often attract the growth of mold.

Since real wooden tiles do not exactly have the most suitable features for Singapore’s humid weather, you can still opt to get wood-look tiles installed in your home. Some of these tiles have the aesthetic appeal of timber and the durability of porcelain tiles. There are a wide variety of tiles that look like wood, check out some of them below:

wood porcelain tile tm tiling singapore

  1. Porcelain Tiles

There are a range of porcelain tiles that are also considered wood-like tiles in Singapore. These porcelain tiles are often layered with different designs on the surface in order to achieve a wood-like texture.

ceramic wood tiles tm tiling singapore

  1. Eco-friendly Ceramic Wood Tiles

When choosing tiles that look like wood, it is important to consider opting for more environmentally-friendly options like the ceramic wood tile in Singapore.

While this type of tile might seem alluring to some, it is important to note that ceramic tiles need to be properly maintained in order to prevent discolouring or staining.

parquet Wood look tile tm tiling singapore

  1. Parquet Floor Tiles

Parquet floor tiles are considered the most popular choice for those who prefer low maintenance wood-like tiles. However, if you want eco-friendly tiles that can withstand the adverse effects of Singapore’s hot climate, then parquet tiles are the best option for you.

Most parquet floor tiles nowadays can accurately imitate timber and its entire aesthetic, so much so that they do not look like faux wooden tiles at first glance. With its low maintenance and cost friendly features, parquet floor tiles remain a popular option for most homeowners.

Wood like tiles tm tiling singapore

Why Should You Choose Wood-like Tiles for Singapore Flooring?

  • Wood-like tiles are waterproof and are highly resistant to the growth of molds, unlike real wooden tiles that do so especially in environments where there is air conditioning.
  • Wood-like tiles are also resistant to wear and tear. While wooden tiles may wear off very fast due to humidity, tiles that look like wood remain in good condition even after several years.
  • As wooden tiles are more susceptible to scratching, it’s not a surprise that most homeowners find that its outer covering also easily peel off. Wood-like tiles are entirely different in this regard as they are less prone to such damages.
  • Unless strong pressure is exerted on the tiles, they tend to not easily crack and are less likely to require
  • Wood-like tiles are heat and fire-resistant.
  • Wooden tiles are quite difficult to You can’t clean scrub off tough stains easily with a cloth, unlike wood-like tiles. Oftentimes, they need to be chemically treated to remove the stains.
  • Wood-like tiles are generally more eco-friendly.

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